We carry a variety of Coffee Roasters that care deeply about where and how they get their beans and how they operate as a business themselves. Right now in stock:

East Van Roasters ( not currently in stock)

EVR is committed to encouraging women that are re-entering the work-force through mentorship based programming and on the job training.

We support at-risk people in a compassionate and supportive environment filled with meaningful work and nourishing food.

East Van Roasters creates award winning organic ‘bean to bar’ chocolate and coffee. Delicious organic drinking chocolate and coffees, hand rolled truffles, single-origin chocolate bars and select pastries are offered in the cafe.

The Artery Community Roasters

We love two things at The Artery Community Roasters, helping people living with disabilities find worthwhile employment, and freshly roasted speciality coffee.

1) Employ people living with disabilities and pay them a living wage. 

2) Inspire other business to hire people with disabilities and pay them, and their other employees, a living wage. 

3) Roast ethically sourced specialty coffee with care, and get it to consumers within a week or less of roasting. We like it fresssssssssh. 

4) Limit our impact on the environment.