The Artery - Colombian cat espresso ( large)
The Artery - Colombian cat espresso ( large)
The Artery

The Artery - Colombian cat espresso ( large)

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We took  our best-selling, single-producer Red Cat and roasted it just a bit further to bring  out a really sweet brownie taste and texture, while still keeping those hints of pear and apple alive in every shot.

This espresso roast is also a good option for people who like a darker roast for their filter/drip methods. 

This Red Caturra variety comes to us from one of the best coffee growing regions in the world, grown by farmers with passion and who we are honoured to get to work so closely with.

The first generation of the Ortega family were pioneers of coffee production in the village of San Agustin. Three generations later, Esnaider Ortega-Gomez, and his grandfather Don Olgar Ortega-Bolaños, are now owners of the farm Villa Maria and responsible for this JUICY delight that has more body than a blue whale! 

ORIGIN: Colombia 
REGION: Sevilla, San Agustin, Huila 
VARIETY: Red Caturra 
TASTING NOTES: Apple Juice, yellow fruits, milk chocolate
ALTITUDE: 1750 masl
PROCESS: Fully Washed  
PRODUCER: Familia Ortega Gomez

Available in  454g  Whole bean only.