Travel mini-loofah sponge

Travel mini-loofah sponge

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Surface Cleaning

Traditional sponges and paper towels are not environmentally friendly, because once they’ve done their job, they end up in the bin (See below for loofah disposal tips.). The fibrous texture of a loofah makes it easy to scrub your dishes, pots and pans, and countertops, especially when paired with bar soap. Grime and grease are genuinely no match for Sitti olive oil soap and loofah. Just make sure you rinse it out well and allow it to fully dry between uses. Once a week, you should clean your loofah using the sanitation steps below.

Deep Cleaning

Every now and then, our homes need a bit of deep cleaning. The back corners of your refrigerator need to be cleaned out, bathroom tiles need to be scrubbed, and oven grime needs to be wiped away. Sitti loofahs are perfect for cleaning all of these spots, and more! You can extend the life of your loofah by cutting it up into smaller pieces to tackle specific jobs.

Storage and Sanitation

The best way to store your loofah in between uses is by hanging it. The goal is to allow air to flow all around and inside the loofah, giving it a chance to fully dry. In addition to keeping your loofah as clean as possible, this will also extend its life. After each use, rinse out all of the soap and squeeze out excess water to speed the drying process.

Every now and then, you should give your loofah a deeper cleaning to flush out any build-up. The simplest way to give it a deep cleaning is to throw it in your dishwasher on the top rack! If you don't have a dishwasher, you can sanitize it by pouring about 1/4 cup water over it and microwaving it in a bowl for 1 minute.



Sitti loofahs will last for about 40 to 60 days, longer if sanitized and dried well after every use. When your loofah has run its course, don’t throw it away! What makes Sitti loofahs a zero-waste option is that it does not produce waste! When it’s no longer durable (The loofah will soften over the course of a little over a month.), you can either bury it in your backyard or add it to your compost. Our loofahs are essentially plants and can be disposed of as you would any other food scraps.